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With the corona pandemic raging worldwide, there is now potential for investment in several areas. Finding the proper niche to do business or the perfect sector to invest in can create ample opportunities for the individual in this pandemic. Simon Leviev, a real estate expert, uses his knowledge and know-how to conduct his business and advises people to do the same.

Leviev started out alone in his business. He came from an ultra-orthodox family and faced a lot of pressure to adhere to his family’s culture and tradition. He really could not fit into their scheme of things. Subsequently, he moved to New York at the tender age of 13. When he graduated, all he wanted to do was business. “All businesses carry a certain amount of risk. Sometimes, they succeed, and sometimes, they don’t. What matters is that we try. If we are sure of ourselves, we owe it to ourselves to try,” says Leviev. He took a pilot course at first, which made him realize that he needed to trust his gut and do business rather than do odd jobs. A risky but timely investment of thousands of dollars in Bitcoin generated millions later on. The sky was no longer the limit for him.

In 2014, with the economic crisis in Greece, and the Crimean annexation by Russia, the price of real estate in those areas fell drastically, and Leviev decided to court more risk by turning to real estate. He was able to acquire many properties at low prices. He was even able to purchase many properties in London and Manchester. Slowly but surely, Leviev was turning into an outstanding real estate expert. Currently, his net worth is over €100 million. His investments and his success have made him famous, and he is continuously in the media.

Simon Leviev is currently trying to contribute to the Israeli community and economy in a big way. He wants to invest in new areas now so that he can promote some ground-breaking new ventures.

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