Secrets of building a sustainable business with Dr. Amir Hashemloo

Dr. Amir Hashemloo is an inspirational cosmetic surgeon who has been successfully running his own practice for several years.  He is the creator of his signature surgical procedure for the correction of the eye and eyebrow frame. His work has earned him recognition and he has become a household name among the biggest celebrities and elite stars of the Middle East and beyond. 

With several achievements to his name, he has some secrets that have helped accelerate his growth over the years. 

Good Health is Wealth

As a practitioner in the medical field, Amir understands the importance of good health, perhaps better than anyone else. This aspect of living is crucial, and the first secret to building a lasting business is to first build yourself from the inside out. Preserving your mind and body in a healthy state of being should be your top priority as an entrepreneur.

To stay healthy, you must start by paying attention to what you put into your body. Monitor your food intake and eat clean. Also, incorporating exercise and some down time into your daily routine will help you stay more alert and productive all through the day. 

Show Up Everyday

There is a popular belief that half of the work is done when you show up. The greatest test of a man’s grit is consistency. As an entrepreneur, you must train your mind and discipline yourself to show up every day and do the work.

“My first and most important advice for someone striving to achieve success is being consistent,” Amir says. “Keep going on, no matter how big difficulties and barriers are because no obstacles can halt your success.”

Getting from ground zero to the pinnacle of your career will not happen overnight. Learning to be consistent will help you stay on track and see your goals through.

Strive To Be Better

The world is not standing still. Every day there is a new and better way to do something that did not exist before. To stay ahead of the tide, you must spend a lot of time and resources investing in your skills and methods. Amir personally has developed a unique surgical solution that offers the most premium results for his patients, staying miles ahead of his competition. Still, he always looks for ways to out-do himself.

“I am always looking to do more and achieve bigger steps in my field. My target is to keep creating new methods. Nothing is better than seeing a patient’s faces shine with self-satisfaction and pleasure.”

In business, satisfying the client or customer is the main objective. To achieve that, you must always have something fresh and new to offer and outperform the competition.

Trust the Process

“Believing in your ideas is the most crucial part of success,” Amir says. “ Never be afraid to follow your dreams, because you never know where they might lead. Always think big, learn how to balance life, and do not be afraid of failure. You must develop an unwavering resolution to succeed, and commit to it”