Sean Smunty’s Journey from Humble Beginning to Becoming a Leading Entrepreneur

Passion is power. It guides, shapes, creates and gives form to dreams and aspirations. It has built empires, fought tyrannies, made princes out of paupers, and brought potential out of the cave of doubt and uncertainty. One such thing that passion is slowly getting out of the shadows and into the light is cannabis. For years cannabis was thought of as being planted by the devil himself to corrupt young, malleable minds. But it looks like this miracle plant is finally having the last laugh, thanks to the efforts of people like Sean Smutny. Smutny founded Truth Enterprises and transformed it into a leading cannabis brand with his faith in the product and his passion.

Smutny comes from Roseville, CA, and graduated with a degree in Business and Marketing from California State University Sacramento “to help further my career” adds the 35-year-old entrepreneur. Smutny has been in the cannabis industry for 15 years and has undergone and overcome challenges that came with the product. “Skepticism, cynicism, fear, in that order, comes to mind. Fifteen years back, cannabis was little known and whatever little was known about it was based on media-representations that gave it a bad name.” This was when Smutny’s passion came in handy. He says, “I have been fascinated with growing cannabis for a long time. It was just a matter of patiently transferring my knowledge and understanding of this misunderstood plant to others. It took time, but someone had to do it.”

Smutny started Truth Enterprises with two of his good friends to bring cannabis to the market. With hard work and perseverance, Smutny and his team have managed to own multiple cannabis licenses in distribution, cultivation, and manufacturing in California. They count themselves among the pioneers who brought in this wave of change and with new strains, and by finding more real-time medicinal usages, have laid out a path for interested youngsters to follow. “Business seems like the wrong word for doing something you love. Yet it is indeed a business. And we are grateful to enrich our lives and that of others with something so natural and healthy,” he shares.

Change is not easy, and neither is it inevitable. With people like Smutny putting their heart and soul behind their convictions, it can be deduced that cannabis stands to gain good ground, literally.