Sean Borg and Lady Victoria Hervey Spotted in West Hollywood


Los Angeles— British entertainment news personality and Socialite and Philanthropist, Lady Victoria Hervey were photographed leaving the world-famous Chateau Marmont hotel, in West Hollywood, CA.

The stunning aristocrat, “It-girl,” and runway model, “Lady V” and the rumored to-be newTrivago Guy” Borg had Sunday brunch together at the iconic and luxury hotel on Sunset Boulevard.

Borg is best known for his work on TV Guide’s “Hollywood 411” and hit Fox show “TMZ on TV.” And it was recently reported that he was added to the new Trivago campaign line-up when promotional shots surfaced featuring him posing with the familiar multi-colored Trivago logo emblazoned across his T-shirt, leading fans to believe he might be a new face in the upcoming television advertisements for the leading hotel price comparison site.

Sean Borg
Photo credit – The Mega Agency

The high-society pair have enjoyed a close friendship since the mid-nineties.

Sean recently said of his friendship with Lady Victoria: “I’ve known her for a good twenty years now. What do you want to know? “Lady V” is the most normal and down-to-earth person you could ever imagine. She is a very smart cookie. I can be razzle-dazzle on a red carpet with her at Elton and David’s bash, or feet up on the sofa watching a movie scoffing on popcorn. She’s a good friend. It takes time for her to gain trust. She is a very good businesswoman and ever-so-popular in our circle. Everyone loves her. I am proud to call her a friend,” he explained to the popular new site,

Sean Borg and Lady Victoria Hervey at Elton John Oscar Fundraiser
Photo credit – The Mega Agency

The expats moved to LA in the late nineties, and have resided stateside ever since.

“Lady V,” as she is known to her inner circle is the daughter of the 6th Marquess of Bristol, half-sister of the 7th Marquess and sister of the 8th Marquess and Lady Isabella Hervey.

As well running her hugely successful, international non-profit conservation organization Preserve our wildLady Victoria’s passionate quest to protect and save vulnerable species such as Elephants, Rhino, Leopards, Tigers and Giraffes, the stunning British celebrity recently launched her own fashion label, “Ladyship Swim,” she plans to take the trendy brand global over the next year.

Last January, Victoria told The Mail On Sunday that she has frozen her eggs in a fertility clinic, costing her £11,000.

Victoria has said she hopes to have a child before she is 45.

She explained: “I had six eggs removed from my ovaries and frozen in a fertility clinic.

‘At the end of this month, I intend to go through the exhausting procedure again in the hope that I will produce another half-dozen or so eggs…

‘It will, I hope, fill what has become rather a hole in my life.”

Victoria confessed that she would like ‘two children’ and turned to freeze her eggs – a decision prompted by Stacey Solomon, whom she met while competing on The Jump in 2015 – following her fears she has ‘left it too late’ to become a mother.

The Borg and Hervey were also together pictured at the world-famous Coachella Festival earlier this year. But with her plans to become a mother in 2020, it looks as if Lady V’s partying days may soon become a thing of the past.

Sean Borg and Lady Victoria Hervey at Coachella
Photo credit – The Mega Agency

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