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It is surely difficult to attain the limelight, but it is equally difficult to not get baffled by the success to forget your journey, experiences and existence throughout the process gained along and find oneness with the light, for if the latter happens, then a career shaped with utter dedication, sweat and blood will be lost and lead to what people call ‘The Great Fall’ under the pretext of luster and grandiose. For Sadakat known as Mr.Harmonium to his fans has reached height of success began right from the fame and limelight his predecessors enjoyed. His life indeed finds sheer inspiration, as to how he managed to carry the essence of his culture that were instilled in him along the journey, a zeal to showcase the charisma of classical music to the world.

Sadakat recalls his life being deeply involved in the many intricacies of Classical Music, calling it ‘Music of the Class, For the Class’. Initially the details first taught by his grandfather, ‘Sangeet Acharya Md. Yunus Khan’ and later by his father, ‘Ustad Sahadat Rana Khan, Although the journey had its own challenges but Sadakat continued on performing all over the world from Bangladesh to Taiwan and beyond, including Pan India of course.

Sadakat has always had the pressure to live up to the audience’s expectations, as he was compared and in order to keep up the legendary legacy passed on by his father and grandfather that allowed him to continue the limelight and step ahead. Throughout the years he had a vision and channelized his energy to carry out the supremacy, for this undue comparison drawn by the society can also the lead the same society cheering up for you to make a change and crave a name for yourself, based on personal achievements.

Reminiscing his journey, Sadakat says that ‘I believe that this generation doesn’t always get a platform (easily)’. He believes that it is an artist’s responsibility to dedicatedly hold on to his/her art, and take on every opportunity to knock on their door (after all who has seen tomorrow), be it in their institution, workplace, a social or cultural event being held across the country or worldwide. The main reason is because there is always someone not willing to let of an offer to showcase their art and talent, and to take a leap of hope on themselves, as once an opportunity is lost is lost forever. Sadakat gives his example of how being quite good with his art it took him a long time to look for platform to perform.

Indeed, so sheer hard work is the ultimate key to success, but most importantly it is all about staying informed and alarmed about the opportunities and chances that come along the way.

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