Russian fairy tales – Characters you already love


Russian fairy tales brought up more than one generation of children, as they always differed not only in interesting, but primarily in instructive content. Under these tales, our parents and grandparents fell asleep every night, and today they remain as relevant. In this section you will find a large collection of Russian folk tales in which you can meet well-known characters you already love, such as Kolobok, Ilya Muromets, Elena the Wise, and possibly discover new heroes.

Gingerbread man (kolobok) – a fairy tale familiar to every adult, will appeal to young children. They quickly learn the simple words of the song Kolobok and are happy to sing along with their parents. From this tale, the kids learn how the grandmother baked for Grandfather Kolobok and put it on the window to cool. Kolobok was tired of lying, but decided to jump from the window and roll out of the yard behind the gate. He met on the road Bunny, Wolf and Bear, sang his song to them and ran away from them, they could not eat his animals. Rolling on Kolobok and met him Chanterelle. He also tried to deceive her Kolobok, but he didn’t succeed, the Fox turned out to be more cunning. Beckoned closer and ate a delicious bun.

Masha and the Bear
Masha and the bear is an amazing tale about the courage and savvy of a little girl who was not afraid to outwit the bear itself. Masha went for a walk in the woods with her friends and got lost, didn’t fulfill the orders of her grandfather and grandmother. Masha wandered into the clearing and saw a hut. There lived a big bear, he came home in the evening and saw a girl. I was delighted, did not let her go home, and Masha had to live in a hut, to heat a stove and cook porridge. The girl warmed up and figured out how to escape from the bear. She asked the bear to take the box of cakes into the village, but she herself jumped into that box. So I got home, and the bear was driven back into the forest.

“Teremok” is a fairy tale that almost every child is able to retell. She tells of an unusual neighborhood of animals. The essence of the tale is simple: almost every representative of the forest stumbles upon an abandoned mansion house (in some cases, a peasant’s mitten), asks for permission to live, and remains together until a bear comes to them. How will the tale of hospitable animals end? Find out with the child from the text below. A fairy tale makes you think that you need to be kind to each other, to be able to share, to give in and that it is important to protect what you have.

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