Rising dynamic singer Rohit Bag

22-year-old Rohit Bag has shown his talent in digital marketing as well as music. Yes, I am talking about Rohit Bag, who lives in Kolkata, West Bengal, who is an entrepreneur as well as a musician & also known as Rohit Bagh . Rohit was born on 18 July 1999 in Kanpur , and then after that his family shifted to Kolkata. Rohit has completed his studies from Calcutta University and he has done BCA. Apart from being an entrepreneur, musician, Rohit is also a photographer.

This year Rohit has released his three new songs, whose name is Jerry Tune, Jupiter, Cyclotron, Shades. In the coming year, Rohit releases his new and best songs. Rohit belongs to a middle class family where his father Lt. Tarapada Bagh was a pharmaceutical chemist and his mother Rupali Bagh is a housewife.

Rohit was very fond of music since childhood. He used to sit with his father and listen to old songs and enjoy them. As Rohit grew up, his hobby went on increasing and after class 12th he had decided that he wanted to become a musician and he started preparing for it.

Rohit has trained in music for 7 years in Kolkata. He is very fond of classical music and loves listening to the songs of Pancham Da and Kishore Kumar. Music plays an important role in Rohit’s life. Rohit’s father also loved music. That’s why Rohit is so involved with music and music means a lot to him.

Rohit follows a disciplined life where he has a fixed time for every work. He completes all the work by staying within time. Rohit says that if one wants to be successful in life and move ahead, then it is very important to respect time and it is very important to live in discipline. After his father left, Rohit took full responsibility of his house. He had to complete his studies along with work, due to which he had a lot of trouble, but he did not leave music. Rohit has worked very hard in his life and the result of this hard work is that today he is a big artist and his mother has a big hand in this hard work.

Music is Rohit’s life. He doesn’t like any kind of jokes about music at all . Apart from this, Rohit is very fond of traveling. He is very fond of traveling to new places. he loves of photography, he loves reading books. Rohit has achieved a lot at a very young age and Rohit is an inspiration for every youth of our day who want to achieve something big in their life.