Rajat Singla: An Innovative Entrepreneur with his Exceptional Digital Marketing Skills, taking the Industry by Storm


In a world that is entirely digitised in almost all areas & sectors also require people that make full use of such technologies & take complete advantage of it to make it use the right way for the people who need it & to help change their lives in many ways possible. Today, social media activities have surged so much that people are constantly looking out for experts in the industry to help them increase their awareness on the virtual space, to help them become popular not only in the online world but also otherwise with the help of digital media.

One such innovative & efficient mind is Rajat Singla who is putting in all his efforts towards fulfilling the client’s requirements & also dips his hands in other profitable businesses. Starting his journey in 2005 with a website called VIP Punjab, Rajat made the online portal for them, did all the related work for designing the website. Since then, Rajat never looked back & went ahead with starting his various businesses. One of them was the import/export business of PVC wall panels. His company named “Wall Decor” deals in importing products from China which he sells across India at wholesale.

The other business of Rajat is “Shiraj Media”, this company is essentially created to help various artists & celebrities with social media marketing & PR to help them increase their follower base on their social media accounts & also to gain more traction for them in the online world. Till now, Rajat & his company have roped in many celebrities as their clients to manage their media accounts & have also helped them achieve their requested goals in terms of increasing their brand awareness. The list of clients at Shiraj Media works includes not only actors & celebs but also includes other people like makeup artists, astrologers, models & even artists from the television industry.

Rajat with his diligent work has till now worked with people both from Bollywood & Hollywood & also for people from TV. His company & his ideas have been proved fruitful for many with their PR activities online, with their actions & activities towards improving the reputation of celebs, with their celebrity management efforts & have helped all of them tremendously to grow their online presence much more than before.

To learn what it takes to become this successful with different businesses at hand & to keep moving forward in life with the right attitude is what we need to master from Rajat & get inspired from.

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