Raising the bar for others in the information security field and safeguarding his country from all kinds of cybersecurity crimes is Saud Bin Ahmed

His incessant work and mission to counter all electronic breaches, posing a threat to the safety of people has turned him into an exceptional cyberpreneur.

The country in which we live as citizens of that particular nation, we always feel proud of the armed forces that serve our country and protect our people. They put in their blood and sweat to act as saviours of our nation and shield us from all the negative forces that come from outside the country. Similarly, all these negative forces and threats work not just at the borders, but also at the borderless services of the internet, where they try to enforce their power with the help of the online world and infuse the many viruses, malware, etc. in the security systems of an established country. To counter all these grave issues that pose a threat to the safety of a country caused by the online world, protectors and saviours in the form of international experts in the information security field are needed, who are one of the most critical assets for the protection of a nation. Saud Bin Ahmed is one amongst these leading international cybersecurity experts who has been rendering his services for safeguarding his nation for the past 19 years.

He has been the saviour of several families, whom he has saved from electronic extortions, and all the hackers in the world by posing as a hindrance for them to penetrate in their devices. Having the affinity to do something in the technical field, Ahmed did Bachelor’s in Business Information System and became an ethical hacker, earning a certificate for the same from the United States of America.

Beginning his career in 2001, he worked around the subject and detected many flaws in more than 4000 computers in the United Arab Emirates from where he belongs. This early expertise which he gained in his career, made him a young saviour for protecting the families from extortion cases from outside the country and gradually started to make his name in the field as a quick-thinker and astute leader as a cyberpreneur.

Ahmed is the founder and CEO of The Technical Support Company, with which he has been serving the entire community of Arabs and the world with his infinite knowledge and expertise gained over the years. When Ahmed was only 13 years of age, he had begun work by researching and experimenting on some electronic software. Slowly and steadily, his passion for his work became stronger and as he grew up, he became the first Emirati who dismantled the ransom virus in the year 2013, which was hiding behind the emblem of the Ministry of Interior of the United Arab Emirates.

In the year 2011, he had even got the chance to manage the technical matters of His Excellency Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Jarwan, the President of the Arab Parliament. Since many years, Ahmed has also served people by spreading awareness amongst them about electronic blackmail, fabricated pictures, corrupt or abusive media circulation, etc. across the world.

Ahmed’s established firm ensures the security of electronic systems and accounts. His sound technical knowledge, expertise and passion can also be proved by the innumerable awards, certificates and recognitions he has earned throughout his career. Ahmed also keeps writing articles for newspapers and keeps spreading his knowledge about various subjects of cybersecurity.

To counter all kinds of cybercrimes, electronic breaches and other potential online threats, Saud Bin Ahmed has always been at the forefront like a warrior to protect his homeland.