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Sarah Nicole

Bullying can lead to mental health problems for anyone especially those who already have mental health difficulties, are even more likely to be bullied and experience its negative effects. This is the reason that raising voice against these incidents and issues is compulsory. It is essential to stop these bullying incidents in society so we can control these incidents and save lives from a heavy loss. The mother of a teenager, Sarah Nicole is working hard for this noble cause. Because she knows it is painful for a mother to deal with a child facing such issues and try to take their lives. 

The physical effects of bullying are obvious and immediate, such as being injured from a physical attack or attempting suicide. However, the ongoing stress and trauma of being bullied can also lead to more physical problems over time. Being bullied also increases cortisol levels, which is a stress hormone in the human body, which typically happens after a stressful event. Stress from bullying can badly impact the immune system and hormones. Research shows that brain activity and functioning can be affected by bullying, which may help explain the behavior of a person who has been bullied.

With this rapid increase in cases, it is necessary to raise voice against these acts and try to control the negative effect of bullying. The mother of Sarah Nicole is working for this purpose in different ways. She starts designing t-shirts with other slogans that become the voice of those who can’t tell anyone about their situation. She listens to her daughter and tries to comfort her by hearing her stories, her thoughts. She said that she really wants to tell their story to be heard and voices to be understood. Teen suicide and bullying is not ok. We need to help out everyone, especially youth.

She wants to have her own clothing store to convey her message around the globe, a clothing store that sells all youth supportive messages, all geared against suicide and bullying. She wants to find companies who care about these issues as the way she does. She wants to be the voice of the victims. She spread the message speaks out and speaks up and don’t be scared to be heard, be a voice. 

Bullying has become prevalent in schools, college, and even in universities today, but it doesn’t stop there it is affecting our children 24/7, and as a mother of a daughter who is a victim of bullying, she acutely aware of the magnitude of this issue. Many institutes include bullying discussions and campaigns as part of their increased attention to bullying in all forms. Unfortunately, it is difficult to see from the outside, and statistics suggest, alarmingly, that most students would not seek help if they were the victim of bullying. She wants to use her business to shed light on these very real and culturally relevant topics and present people with solutions and ways to affect changes. She wants to become an inspiration for others to raise their voice against this sensitive issue. She introduces a simple solution that can have a massive impact. 

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