Quik-Response- Flood Protection for Canadian Homeowners


Sandbags have been the norm when it comes to keeping floodwaters at bay. But a new device has taken cities, towns, governments, and homeowners by storm in Canada.

Quik-Response is a new product designed to replace traditional sandbags. These “self-expanding” sandbags are initially lightweight and resemble an empty burlap sack, then grow in size & mass to 40lbs in the presence of water.

Using Quik-Response Self-Expanding Sandbags, one or two individuals, regardless of physical strength, can set up a flood barrier 6x faster than if using traditional sandbags.

“Not only is this product great for municipal work crews, but it also empowers every homeowner to effectively protect their property from flooding”, said Ben Howells of Quik-Response.

“The average homeowner doesn’t have time to fill and tie sandbags in a flood situation, nor is it convenient. It’s not easy to carry a 40-pound sandbag” Howells said. “Quik-Response initially weighs only 1 lb., can easily be stored in a closet, yet a single box is equal to 600lbs of sand once activated.”

Howells tells us to activate Quik-Response’s self-expanding growth by exposing them to water for about 3 minutes. “After that, each Quik-Response sandbag feels like a 40lb bag of gel and can be stacked identically to a traditional sandbag”.

With Canada’s annual flooding, it’s essential for homeowners to have a way to react quickly. In fact, according to Vasalta Environmental Emergency Solutions, a single inch of floodwater can cost about $35,000 in damages to an average-sized home. It’s no wonder floods cost Canadian taxpayers 673 million dollars per year.

Not only are Quik-Response Self-Expanding Sandbags effective, but they are also affordable- 1/3rd the cost of competing products. And, with a 5-year storage warranty, they offer a great long term solution for homeowners to protect their property from flooding. 

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