Prashant Gupta- Young Influencer and a Social Media marketing Expert

Who says age matters? There are several examples today which express how a young mind can also attain the heights as any other older person. Prashant Gupta is one such personality, a young brain behind social media marketing strategies of various big and small firms, across world.

Born in 2002, in Himanchal Pradesh, Prashant has always been creative and after the increase of internet era in India, he gathered the expertise in social media advertisings and marketing and eventually entered market for assisting small businesses, people and Instagram accounts to grow over the social media platforms.

 Prashant has creative and entrepreneurial mind, aiming achieve different goals and experimenting with new ideas as well as investing in various business ideas. He has been an influencer to those who think that life has set up ages for different achievements and he continuously aims to change this mindset by inspiring many young people out there. For this purpose, he is using his Instagram account @iz_prashant.

The digital world is very dynamic and ever changing, so Prashant has to learn something new everyday and he never stops in acquiring new skillsets.

Prashant loves travelling and driving, and this helps him in getting new ideas and explore more talent in him. Being only 18 years of age has posed several challenges on him but at the same time has given him enough room to polish his ideas and get expertise in his field. He aims to establish a lifestyle brand in near future.

Prashant is not only an entrepreneur but a genuine soul, he is very down to earth and never disappoints his clients. He believes that the real reason for the success of a business is the satisfied customers. He is persistently working to inspire millions of young individuals running behind their passion day and night. 

We all wish that he achieves a lot more in no time.