Podcaster Travis Chappell’s Advice to Others: Start Now

What inspired you to start podcasting?

I was a door-to-door salesman, but I was hoping to get into online business because I love to travel. Being online meant I could work from anywhere. I started listening to podcasts to get some idea of what to do next, and as I was listening to them, I was thinking, “This could be a great way to get the lifestyle I want, and help a lot of other people in the process.” So I just started making a podcast. After awhile, people were asking for my advice on how to do it. This let me start podcast coaching, consulting, and even podcast production for entrepreneurs. We took the money we earned from that and reinvested it into building Guestio. I had no idea that’s where I’d end up when I dove into podcasting, but I’m very grateful for the experience.

What makes you stand out from others in your field?

I’ve actually proven that I can make a podcast that succeeds. Plenty of people in the podcast production space have never done a lot of podcasting themselves. They might have a podcast, but it doesn’t have great listenership or it doesn’t rank well. I can back up my business with proof.  Then you add the people who I know who are way smarter than I am, and you have a winning formula that makes us confident in the results we deliver.

If you could start over again, what would you do differently?

Start sooner. Every year you wait, the market gets more saturated. I started my show in 2017. If I’d started in 2012, my show might be 10x the size because there were only a few thousand podcasts back then, not 450,000 like there were when I started my show or a million like there are now.. If you want to get in on any industry, you can’t sit around and wait. It only gets more challenging the longer you do.

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