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Physical fitness is considered an essential part of human life, and being a fitness freak is an achievement. Success is something that we all want to achieve wherever they perform, but very few of them have the ability to achieve their goals. It is always because of different circumstances for everyone. Here‘s the story of a personal fitness trainer who thinks that success is something you can achieve with proper guidance and with the best trainer or mentor. 

Alessandro Cassano has a great interest in sports from childhood and loves to participate in different games in school and then college. He started Karate because of his deep passion for fitness that led him to conquer the black belt at an early age. He was clear about his goals and knows what he wants in life at an early age. He wants to be a personal trainer, and with the hard work of day and night, he achieved his goals and made his dream come true. Like everyone, he had to overcome obstacles, get up, and keep trying. There is something he always thankful for, the people in his life who encouraged him to keep dreaming and keep working to achieve them. His brother is among one of those people who encouraged them as the first lesson of persistence. He always encouraged him to insist and showed him that with determination and charisma, he could achieve what he had set as his life’s goal since he was very young. Those words and his brother’s encouragement were a very important figure in his life that gave him the strength to face any challenge.

His love for sport pushed him even further to attain his best success in the world of fitness as a personal trainer’s diploma. After this, he starts to give one-on-one training lessons because everyone is unique and different. Every person has a different approach and needs, so every training session is tailored to each individual athlete. 

He trained many athletes and proved his skills as the best personal trainer. He cooperated with many football players such as Marco Marchionni, Amauri, Gianni Munari, and Giambattista Venditti, a rugby player wearing for few years Italian shirts and Matteo Azzali, a fighter. Later on in his career, he obtained other diplomas from F.I.F (Italian Fitness Federation) such as Metabolic Training and Weight loss and Functional Training for Women. 

In April 2020, he specialized in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) in Milan and other specializations in this area. Nowadays, he is serving his clients as a personal trainer, a Life Coach as recognized by F.I.F, Life Coach, an ICF (International Coach Federation) member, and an NLP Coach. He loves bringing to his customer’s physical wellness and mental well-being during the training sessions. Because he knows mental fitness is as important as physical fitness.

About the trainer:

His name is Alessandro Cassano, who was born in Taranto in 1977. When he was a child, he practiced Karate and a few years later, he earned a black belt. 

In 2000 he moved to Parma, where he currently lives. During his stay here, he started practicing Wing Tsun and in 2008, the EWTO Federation awarded him with a blue shirt. This gave him a great opportunity to teach Wing Tsun’s art. In the following years, he also specialized in self-defense and started giving private lessons. Now he is a personal fitness trainer. 

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