Passion, dedication, discipline, focusing on a target these all are not words and key to success for a human who wants to make it big in life. Says NAJB MOHAMED AKA NAJM RETRO Celebrity Fitness Coach based in Dubai

We came across one of the top fitness coaches of Dubai, who is a top Personal fitness trainer of Dubai, rated as the best online fitness coach available in Dubai. We are talking about a man who changed his life from India and now making life memorable in Dubai with his powerful physique, dedication, hard work, disciplined life and identification of Best fitness coach of Dubai. We are talking about Najab Mohamed, who is internationally recognised as Najm Retro on multiple social media platforms, Najb Mohamed Aka Najm Retro born in India on 10/09/1990.

We all know that Pandemic has given an increase to online fitness programs which are useful for everyone to combat against covid-19. We all also know that healthy people are remaining protected against Coronavirus as their good immune helps them beat deadly viruses in a few days. Pandemic has changed the gym business and all. Still, it has also unfolded the new door for top fitness coaches of Dubai like Najm Retro to help people train from home remain fit and fab and also depression-free.

It is exceptional to see top fitness coaches like Najm Retro, helping people remain fit by giving online fitness training using various online platforms. It has also helped fitness trainers gain more popularity in the last year. 

Najm Retro is gaining a massive fan following on IG due to his high-grade content which is linked to fitness, fashion and all and it is encouraging athletes and people who want to remain in shape and live a healthy life in this riotous time. Many rate Najm Retro as the top fitness influencer of Dubai, and we don’t have any doubt in it as his best physique, and superfluous fitness programs help people gain the right to look perfect in all outfits.