Outsource Corporate IT Training Services

Every day in several gallops, IT technology progresses and every business organization needs to be up-to – date to stay competitive in the digital age of business today. Nonetheless, how much you will gain from its benefits for your business growth depends on how professional the workers handle and manage resources and technologies.

Given the extensive knowledge of computers and digital devices, it takes the best possible knowledge to run custom software applications. At Hackspot.co, our corporate IT training programs effectively address the issue with dynamic training courses across a diverse range of software application systems.

Corporate IT Training Services We Offer

After almost two decades of corporate training, we easily understand the requirements of each company and develop customized training programs that meet the customer’s needs. Hackspot.co provides all-inclusive company training to suit the organization’s IT training needs. One of the most important programs we sell.

Project Preparatory Program

No technical innovations to fund one’s business are missing in today’s world at all. Nevertheless, advancing technology often raises the demands of IT professionals on several occasions. Any method and technology can never be completely understood by a single person. If the next project requires a certain ability or skill in a given type of work, Hackathon will gladly provide you with a crash course to enable your staff to be able to do the work.

Certification Program

Hackspot.co’s certification programs aim to improve your employees and IT professionals’ skills and expertise to better support your business. Considering the growing developments in the digital field, we provide effective training for artificial intelligence, computer education, virtual and increased reality, cloud computing, Blockchain and the Internet of Things.

Post-recruitment Orientation Program

Every company has a responsibility to conduct an initial orientation training course for new employees, so that they can acclimatize themselves to their new workplace. Although this post-recruitment training program is a must to make new hires more effective and ready to work, the company will find it quite a challenge to manage at all times. Hackathon expands its resources to cover the system in depth and make the new participants highly successful.

Skill Updating Program

Technology advances exponentially and the handling of manual workers must also be appropriately trained to keep pace. The software for upgrading skills lets you close the gap between what you know and what you want to learn. It covers the various nuances of popular technology on the market, new versions or software updates, etc.

What Makes Us Pioneers in the Area of Corporate IT Training?

Hackspot.co is a cream-of-the-crème company providing peerless IT preparation to small and medium-sized companies and multinational businesses. Some of the main reasons why we choose –

Customization of training programs

At Hackspot we understand the essence of IT training programs for businesses — they are effective and very purposeful. Thus, our training programs are customized to your desired needs and customised.

Experienced and certified trainers

Our IT training team comes from experienced backgrounds and holds certification in their respective fields. Your staff, new or old, will open a range of possibilities to them with the right guidance of our trainer panel.