OptionsSwing Inc. Sets You Up for Trading Success

Recent developments have made getting into trading and investing incredibly easy. Websites and apps like Robinhood have made trading accessible to the general populace. Accordingly, such innovations have resulted in a boom for the industry, with thousands of aspiring traders flocking to different markets even before the pandemic, but the dire financial straits that the pandemic has forced people into have caused a second wave of new traders. Many of these traders enter the industry with little background knowledge or experience, hoping to make additional on-the-side income or even fully commit themselves as dedicated day traders.

In contrast to the above, the same developments that have made trading accessible and popular have also made finding any sort of serious success or profits particularly hard. The trading technologies described above often give individuals the power to freely enter the market with little of the necessary guidance or training they actually need to succeed. Simultaneously, the aforementioned influx of new traders has increased competition as veterans clash with waves of new traders. Unique to the recent situation is how the COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread market crashes, and continuing volatility as customer attitudes, needs, and preferences change with the world in constant flux.

In this state of the market, former Fortune 500 employee and successful stock trader Jason Lee established OptionsSwing as a means to teach and transform industry aspirants into disciplined and responsible traders. The company has recently come into widespread success owing to its digital subscription model, heavy investment in finance education technologies, and proper delegation and management among its small but trusted team of 15 employees.

The company follows a digital subscription model similar to other companies, with packages available in monthly and yearly subscriptions and in the form of educational video courses. What makes the company unique is its full and comprehensive suite of additional services that allow traders of different backgrounds and preferences to customize their tutorial experience as they see fit. In this manner, OptionsSwing has various automated systems, bots, and educational resources with which anyone can learn on their own and at their own pace. At the same time, the company manages various channels with which members may interact with the community and full-time dedicated mentors employed by the community. The team also ensures that the community always enjoys cutting edge technology to maximize the advantages reaped by their clients, using tools like Discord and Asana for communication and management.

Another factor that distinguishes OptionsSwing is their company’s motto, “Education first, profit second.” This belief manifests itself in the company’s unparalleled honesty, integrity, and transparency, with real-time trades done every weekday in full view of the community for assessment and analysis, rather than the unrealistic promises or scams of many other businesses. Instead, the company focuses on creating strong foundations for its client base so that they may independently find success in any market as disciplined and responsible traders.

Such an approach has brought widespread success to the company, which has grown to over 2,000 subscribers since its establishment in August 2019. So far, the company has grown to earn over $1.4 million in annual revenues, with exponential growth forecasted for the future as even more people become interested in trading. Contributing to this growth is the fact that OptionsSwing can market itself with minimal expenses as its services turn clients into willing brand advocates, with the company now having over 150,000 Instagram followers and hundreds of five-star reviews online via Google Business, Facebook Reviews, and TrustPilot.

OptionsSwing Inc. is an example of how a small company can distinguish themselves through quality and integrity. To find out more about their services, you may visit their website or follow their Instagram at @optionsswing.