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Wrista emotes the most intense feelings and emotions through his hip hop music, and his unique song creations heal people from within.

Whether it is the business or the entertainment world, people lately have seen some great revolutionary work in both the industries. This is because most of the people are youngsters who have been the reason behind the many advancements that industries see today. These youngsters are global disruptors in their respective fields who through their newness and creativity have brought about a massive positive change in the same. The music industry has been no behind. But, it is sporadic to hear about hip hop artists from Gulf countries racing ahead many in the music scene. We came across a young artist who through his creative hip hop music and songs has created a rage in the hip hop industry at the age of only 20; he is Abdulrahman Al-Sahaf, aka Wrista.

Coming from Muharraq, Bahrain, the journey of Abdulrahman becoming Wrista was not a cakewalk for him. Bahrain is still a new place for the hip hop scene. Moreover, the problem arises when organizers only favour the already established names in the industry overlooking the many other talented people. Wrista too had to go through the same struggles, but his never give up attitude made him stand strong in front of his challenges and turn his problems into motivation for himself into creating some amazing hip hop music.

The journey of a young Abdulrahman in becoming Wrista happened in 2015 when he officially gave himself his music name. The very next year, he launched his creative team named ‘LOADB” (Last of a dying breed). In the year 2013, Wrista had come up with his first-ever song called ‘Haters make me famous’. So far, this young hip hop sensation has released one album ‘We Are One’. However, Wrista says that he is focusing more on creating singles as he believes that have a greater impact and are more effective. Till now, he already has 8 tracks released officially.

His upcoming track “Battle Thru Depression”, is an ode to all those people who have faced mental issues and wish to overcome all of that. The song is also about Wrista and the various issues he faced as a musical artist in the region. It is to help heal people through his song.

Currently, Wrista is all pumped up for his next music video which is called ‘Yeah I’m Real’ and this new song speaks of how Wrista remains real and authentic and obtains the love from audiences for who he is. This young talent has always considered music as therapy which has helped emote his deepest feelings and make a connect with his listeners. Right now, he is on a University scholarship studying public relations, a presenter for a national TV station.

He got the approval from Fiverr Pro this year in June and has done voice-overs for TheMercifulServant channel on YouTube, which has been seen and appreciated by millions.

Everything started for Wrista at the age 15, as he began taking his talents in music seriously then and today in just 5 years, this young talent has proved his mettle not only in Bahrain but across many the vast hip hop industry, showing the potential to emerge as a hip hop star on a global stage.

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