Olivia Molina Avellaneda, a beautiful Argentinian woman, believes ‘painting is therapy’

The lady breathes art & emotes her feelings through her beautiful paintings & photography.

There is one thing or the other that every individual in this world uses to emote in a far better manner like an art, hobby or an interest in something that helps them bring out their inner self; or helps them come out better with their unsaid feelings & emotions. They put into the art their views & ideas that let the world see the artist’s vision in a very creative way.

Not all are great with words & still, they manage to speak volumes about themselves through the various arts they possess & their inborn talents. Olivia Molina is one such beautiful woman or let’s say a free bird at heart hailing from Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina who turned to drawing & painting to not only show her talents but also to see the world with her unique perspective. This made Molina enter the world of her own where there was all beauty around with her choice of colours, her designs & her patterns of drawing. As a kid, she always got drawn towards her own fantasy world & painted things to show people how she looks at it and influence them positively through her art.

Talking about her love for painting & drawing, Molina recollects that as a child, she discovered the art in her when she was all of 8 years of age. In school, she participated in school events for competing for the ‘Best Artist’. She asserts that since she loved doing it, she was always excellent at the art. But, at one point in life Molina got so dejected & disheartened that she stopped drawing because during a particular competition in school, someone stole her art folder in which she had kept all her work & drawings.

However, later the same girl believed that painting acted as therapy for her. She continued painting, excelled at it more & loves doing it even today. She is a true artist who can finish any of her paintings in exactly 5 to 10 minutes. What’s different about Molina is that she is a very spontaneous & an impromptu painter who paints without thinking much, but her art speaks a lot about herself.

Not just this, Molina is also a talented photographer. All the places she has travelled till now worldwide she has made her camera her constant companion. She always is an excited photographer who takes out time to click pictures. Molina admits that just like painting, photography has also become very much a part of her life & she is very spontaneous in this art as well where she just clicks the button without really preparing for it & the end result is always perfect & beautiful.

We need more artists like Molina who can see the world through their creative eyes & let the world also see the same with a unique perspective.

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