Nour El-Sherif: Google doodle celebrates 75th Birthday of Egyptian actor and director

The present Doodle, shown by Cairo-based guest artist Maged El Sokkary, celebrates Egyptian actor and director Nour El-Sherif, who captured the hearts of audiences for near 40 years with hundreds of performances in feature movies, TV, and theater.

Nour El-Sherif was born Mohamad Geber Abdallah in Cairo on this day in 1946. As a youngster, he loved soccer. Be that as it may, it was overshadowed by his passion for acting, which he first nurtured in little theater roles.

It wasn’t well before the talent he displayed in rehearsal for “Romeo and Juliet” grabbed the attention of famous Egyptian director Hassan Imam, who cast him in “Kasr El Shawk” (“The Palace of Desire, 1967”)— El-Sharif’s first film.

His silver screen debut set the stage for an iconic career. Pundits and associates the same regularly noted El-Sherif’s careful dedication to his roles, as he read the whole script for each project, not just the lines of his character. This devotion shined through in his performances, which landed him the premier spotlight of Egyptian cinema for decades.

Among his significant works remember his lead role for the 1982 film “Hadduta Misriya” (“An Egyptian Story”), as well as the 1991 film “Nagui Al-Ali,” in which he portrayed a Palestinian cartoonist. Something other than an entertainer, El-Sherif likewise directed theater and movie, making his cinematic directorial debut with the 2001 film “Al-Asheqan” (“The Lovers”).

El-Sherif was renowned for the attention to detail he poured into his craft and his devotion gathered awards from prestigious institutions across Arab entertainment.

The Alexandria International Film Festival, which El-Sherif had worked together with since its origin, honored him with its Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014.

Happy birthday, Nour El-Sherif!