North Carolina Hip Hop Artist “252 Lico” Looks To Make Hip Hop History


He was given the name “Damian Joseph Norman” but he goes by the stage name of “252 Lico”. Born on August 7th in New Bern, North Carolina in 1992. His mother lived with his grandmother an uncle along with two other family members in a small two bedroom house in the middle of the country, and father who wasn’t around much went into the navy.

With having hardly no resources or anyone to go to in his area, and no income “252 Lico” still managed to make himself a buzz. His hit single with popular rapper “Da Baby” which goes by the name of “Just Want” has garnered hundreds and thousands of fans.

“Carolina Kush”, which is his debut mixtape, has also further expanded his popularity. “252 Lico” use to go by the name of “Dreel” but the rapper changed his name after realizing the name wasn’t very marketable an felt “252 Lico” matched with his character better.

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