New Year’s resolution planning to achieve lifestyle goals


JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Both exercise and more beneficial eating appear to be the best on New Year’s resolution lists for most people but staying on target is in sometimes hard for individuals, individuals involved in fitness training and health said.

10 Fitness in Jonesboro shares a few hints on the best way to remain focused on those lifestyle changes.

The personal training manager at 10 Fitness in Jonesboro, Dylan Vangilder, said practice is progressively reasonable if individuals take it a little slower and paced out.

“Maybe dropping one or two bad habits at a time,” Vangilder said. “Dedicating maybe 30 minutes a day instead of an hour to the gym.”

Vangilder said that working out with a buddy or hiring a personal trainer will likewise help keep up those fitness goals.

As for healthy eating options, Twisted Foods in Jonesboro is a restaurant and meal prep organization that prepares for any diet with a variety of food options to choose from.

Owner of Twisted Foods Rose Hankins said that they attempt to instruct individuals to make healthy eating their lifestyle and not only an objective they require.

The most popular meal plans Twisted Foods offers are three-day meal plans, five-day meal plans and seven-day meal plans which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“Meal prep is the way we do it and it’s already cooked for you,” Hankins said. “So, it takes out the grocery shopping.”

Twisted Foods in Jonesboro has more than 100 different foods to choose from and a variety of ways to combine the foods, Hankins said.

To begin, you fill out an application, set a counsel to discuss your own objectives and dietary requirements. Next includes preparation, followed by food pick-up or delivery, then you eat your food.

There is no enrollment fee with an eight-week commitment at Twisted Foods.

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