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Net Kohen

Anyone who owns a business knows how competitive the internet arenas is and how challenging it can be to promote the market well enough to get good conversions and profit. App development, as a whole, is an essential component of every business. A mobile application can reinforce your business value and catch the attention of the audience. An effectively designed and developed application can help sustain the image of your business with lasting value. Here’s the story of an app “Net Kohen” developer who creates apps for celebrities and businesses. 

Net Kohen is an app developer who started his own company with the name of NEXTGEN. His story began when he was just a 13-year-old teenager. That’s the point where his journey as an entrepreneur and technology lover begins. His first project was the creation of a server used in Minecraft. After the success of this project, he became a successful entrepreneur and started earning thousands of dollars. He followed the path and starts learning how to start web development. He became popular in his community in a very short time. Shortly the demand for his work increases in the market, and many companies want to work with him and want him to develop apps and websites. It seemed that everything was getting better until he got his big idea.

The Net was clear about his goals and know that his success stems from always working on what he is passionate about. He always saw far beyond the fun that games and apps generate, he saw it as a way to earn a healthy amount of money. When you spend time doing what you love, you don’t notice it as a job. This is the point when the big ideas come out. Ideas can be millions, but that only comes when your mind is in tune with what you love. He started to think something bigger while he was at school. He thought he could create an app that would alert people about parties and clubs nearby. This would be an app for nightlife, something that would become a real boom in his city.

Everything he achieved would be nothing if Net Kohen did not have the entrepreneurial vision that has accompanied him since childhood. His hard work and struggle made him recognizable in his city, as well as appealing to the big local companies and national celebrities that have contacted him to develop their apps.

About Net Kohen:

Netanel Kohen, known as Net Kohen, is an app developer who starts getting success at a young age. He started his own company NEXTGEN and start working for celebrities and businesses. He was in school when he starts his first project and successfully completes it. That was the base of his success. He was very clear about his passion and knew that he couldn’t achieve his goals without hard work. So his struggle makes him able to become a top-rated and successful app developer that everyone wants to work with him. He is currently working on a huge app that’s going to change the networking game. 

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