National Senior Citizens Day

Do you have an old individual in your life that you cherish and appreciate? Public Senior Citizens Day, August 21, is the day to tell them the amount you give it a second thought and it’s a chance to perceive their achievements. In 1988, President Ronald Reagan declared this occasion to bring issues to light about issues that influence senior residents and their personal satisfaction.

Today, seniors are as yet dynamic in their networks just as proceeding to have a solid presence in the labor force. For everything they do and have accomplished to benefit their networks, senior residents merit our much appreciated!


Public Senior Citizens Day perceives seniors who have spent their lives adding to society and have affected everybody’s lives to improve things. Further developed medical care has changed socioeconomics and expanded the usefulness of more established residents, permitting them to be more dynamic than any other time. With more freedoms accessible also, numerous senior residents currently start second professions and are a model for more youthful ages. The nation’s establishment and stable areas are the aftereffects of the difficult work of our senior residents and they merit all our appreciation.

President Ronald Reagan stepped up to the plate and honor seniors in 1988 when he marked Proclamation 5847 and stamped August 21 as the day seniors will be commended. “Since our commencement, more seasoned individuals have accomplished much for our families, our networks, and our country. That stays genuine today, and gives us abundant explanation this year to save a unique day to pay tribute to the senior residents who mean such a huge amount to our territory,” Reagan announced. “For all, they have accomplished all through life and for all they keep on achieving, we owe more seasoned residents our thanks and an ardent salute. We can best exhibit our appreciation and regard by ensuring that our networks are acceptable spots in which to develop and become more established — places in which more seasoned individuals can partake without limit and can discover the support, acknowledgment, help, and administrations they need to keep on driving existences of freedom and nobility.”

His words have withstood everyday hardship and are present, more than 30 years after the fact, more significant than any other time as more seasoned individuals are driving more useful lives. Reagan himself set a model for everybody — he was 69 years of age when one of the world’s most impressive titles of the leader of the U.S. was given to him on January 20, 1981. Reagan lived till the mature age of 93, and in addition to the fact that he was the most established individual to be chosen president, he was likewise the most established when his term finished at 77 years and 349 days.

As indicated by the U.S. Registration Bureau, roughly 78 million individuals matured 65 and more established will live in America by 2035. This figure will outperform the quantity of the populace younger than 18 without precedent for the country’s set of experiences.