NASHEW – The German rap sensation who’s inching steadily towards stardom.


Exuding pure brilliance through his music, he is racing his way to the top, at an unassuming speed.

NASHEW is one rap artist whose music making capabilities are helping him ascend to the top, gaining him massive recognition, and his extreme capabilities in churning out the best music are behind his steady rise. To establish one’s presence in this highly competitive industry is not a child’s play, but this powerhouse of talent has made it look easy, by reaching a position which taken years for many to achieve. Predicted to be the next rap star, NASHEW seems to be holding the reins of the music industry like no one else, and that’s quite impressive.

It takes loads of talent and confidence to break through in this massively competitive sphere of music which has the world’s best hovering around it. One needs to be extraordinarily talented and skilled to make their mark, like NASHEW, who has left no stone unturned to play his cards well, which has gained him this commendable position today. His talent is striking and hard to ignore, the reason he has been able to secure a position within no time of his stepping in as a professional music artist.

“It takes loads of hard work and talent to make your mark, and destiny too plays a bit to get you a deserving position. But if there is lack of determination or if one deviates from their goals, success can give them a miss, for sure,” claims the rap artist whose popularity has been steadily rising, and his music which is gaining the top place on digital music streaming platforms is enough proof of it. He is one amongst the few who has managed to push his singing career in the right direction, which has resulted in his widespread popularity which seems to be growing with each passing day.

Some of his songs like Dreams, Monopoly, Hardcore Gang Member, Hebe jetzt ab and Shadows have become massive hits, securing his position as a credible singer who can deliver fantastic results through his work.

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