Nadeem Mubarak – A young talented Pakistani Tik toker In 2020 Top Number 3. Nadeem Mubarak


In present dynamic world where people are very extremely busy in their lives, and continously tirelessly involved in the hustle and bustle of the cities, they demand peace and entertainment at the end of the day. Many social platforms gather such massive support and love because they are successful in entertaining people and diverting their mind out of the chaos. Tik tok is one of the most pronounced social platforms when it comes to entertainment through the social media.

Nadeem Mubarak is one such splendid  bewitching persona holding the rank 3 in the list of top tik tokers of Pakistan. He is generally known as “Nani wala”. Nadeem is a pakistani citizen from city Lahore where he did his schooling from Mesali public school and then went for his higher studies to London. From london he pursued his studies further in Bussiness studies. He is a young personality with talents of comedy and acting which allowed to pursue his career being a Tik Toker of the time. And with the grace of luck he is now ranked among the top 3 tik tokers of the Nation. Earlier, he started making tik tok videos with his Gran Mother(Naani), and people started liking his Naani, and thus giving him recognition in the name of his Naani as “Naani wala”.

His applaudible marvellous influence on all of his social media platforms which is clearly visible by looking at his phenomenal number of followers from all round the globe and at present he has 2.1 Million fans on Tik Tok and 62 million likes. On Instagram he has  95k plus followers and facebook page has 64k plus fan following. Such immense following shows that he has great influence not only in pakistani people but all around the globe and thus making him great Tik toker number 3 of the nation. His influence on people is remarable and is increasing day by day.

We wish him all the luck and success in near future.

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