My top 5 great artists of all-time by StaJe interview



What he accomplished in such a short amount of time has to put him on this list! There was many artists before him and many more after him, but what he did by the age 25 before his demise was unprecedented! His wave was crazy! He changed not only the culture but music in general. He was heavy for his size but didn’t lack confidence when the mic was on. His pain spoke through his tone. He wrote real music. You heard every word that he had to say. Truly a king in his era


Now I know some of y’all gone hate this one but come on, what he did with battle studies was crazy. It’s been over 10 years and he still can go and sell out a show from just that album alone! “Half of my heart” and “desires” is my favorite all time JM songs. He’s a true decade guy! From his acoustics to his attitude. He’s a bad boy with a guitar in his hands.


Tell me a better band! You can’t! The Beatles is arguably the great band to ever walk this earth. They changed the outcome of many genres and sounds. What I feel where they were truly underrated is with their lyrics! They spoke some real exotic language for their time! They also had a really good writer though! Yeah, the Beatles could of easily been #1 on my list and probably is in most cases for others.


Frank was a king! Jazz could never be the same without the sweet tones of Frank! Now Jazz definitely derived from my ethnic group but I give credit where credit is due, the guy has exceptional writers and his team was just as valuable as he was! Without Sammy Cohn who would frank be! With that being said, he just had a golden voice! We can go to a ball tonight and I guarantee you at least 59 Frank Sinatra songs will place. Thanks to Frank and many of his compadres we have evolved the sound of blues and jazz.


Michael Jackson started at a very young age. Never going to school, never going to play with his friends. He ate, slept, then ate again music! With all that dedication he lost a huge part of his life on just enjoying being a kid but I’d say if he didn’t go through those things we probably wouldn’t know him for who he is today. Michael was known to outwork any and everybody when it came to music. He performed sick before he passed away. This guy is the true goat of all goats! I still play “Beat it and “thriller” til this day. Not only a generational talent but a great soul. RIP king

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