Multipreneur Akshay Aggarwal talks about developing an F&B business in the UK

His determination, mixed with his hustler mentality and passion, has brought him to the forefront of all the business sectors’ he is a part of.

The more we notice the constant business developments and advancements across the world, the more we realize how the incessant hard work and constant efforts of young business talents have taken these industries to unbelievable success and growth. Amongst the many young individuals who are to be thanked for the same, how can we miss mentioning about Akshay Aggarwal? He is a 30-year-old multiple-business owner who believed, hustled and achieved unique success in everything he dipped his hands into. Now, he is vying to make his special place as an entrepreneur in the UK with his F&B business. He can’t wait to disrupt the UK business markets with his F&B business, following the QSR (quick-service restaurant) business model.

“All my life, I have learned from my businessman father, Mr Anil Parkash Aggarwal and watched him grow our family business, Viney Corporation Ltd, with plants in India, Italy, Romania. Taking inspiration from him, I gradually improved my business skills. I worked with him to continuously learn about different sectors we invested in and created businesses around, which I was awarded in the top 20 taxpayers in the individual category in Delhi.”

On asking why he wishes to start his F&B business in the UK, the youngster who attained double majors, both MBA and MSc in international business from the UK in 2012, quickly replies saying, “One cannot deny how the UK’s food industry is considered as the largest manufacturing industry, employing millions of people and annually generating billions of euros. Therefore, this opportunity had to be utilized and optimized. Hence, my cousin Anant and I decided to work around the F&B sector in the country under our firm Yellow Ant Hospitality.”

Adding further, he says, “However, we are also focusing on the QSR (quick-service restaurant) business model and want to continuously innovate with our business to take the UK’s food industry to the ‘next level’, imprinting our names as the most sought-after entrepreneurs in the F&B industry.” They have almost finalized a restaurant and are now gearing up for multiple other outlets as well.

From stepping foot into the family business, becoming majority shareholders in Kafila Forge Limited, manufacturer of forged and machined Auto components, to diversifying his business in 2016 in varied sectors like NBFC, distillery, oil and gas pipelines, entertainment and education, Akshay Aggarwal has truly come a long way and still thinks he has just begun.