Mujahid Ali Khan On Reaching Millions Of Readers Via His App


Famous modern Urdu poet Mujahid Ali Khan is known among people for his amazing talent and creativity. The renowned social media personality is getting all the fame he deserves with each passing day due to his relatable content on the platform. Coming from Delhi, Mujahid built his career from scratch and has built his image through his hard work and dedication.

The strong imaginative poet who puts his feelings into words without much effort is all set to launch his own application. On asking further about it, he said, ” Till date people have showered me with all the love and have kept me motivated even in my lows. Whatever I have achieved till date is because of people’s never ending support. To give them back, I have teamed up with some amazing people from tech background and now will come up with an application which will help me to reach out to millions of people via my poems.”

In contrast to people’s belief, Mujahid has strived a lot to achieve what he has today. From writing content continously on his Facebook page to perform in Dubai Filmfare middle east event, Mujahid has come a long way. By singing on mothers day he has won millions of heart.

Mujahid says, ” Following your passion isn’t as easy as it seems. Not many people believe in you but the only thing that keeps you going is the faith you have in yourself.”

Mujahid’s is continuing to win hearts with his verses across all the social media platforms. The number of followers in his social media accounts has been increasing exponentially and his content has been getting the reach it deserves. “

His journey is definitely not going to be easy but Mujahidsm has learnt a lot from his experience. Come what may, we all know that Mujahid will keep going against all odds.

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