Mpr Riche Rich Delivers an Infectious New Single “Monkey See Monkey Do”


A few days after being enlisted for Money Power Respect Muzic Group’s new release “Kill Switch,” Mpr Riche Rich is introducing his latest single, “Monkey See Monkey Do.” The young Detroit rapper’s new track has no features and is reportedly one of the songs that make up his next major studio Hit single. “Monkey See Monkey Do” is also being released alongside its accompanying visual, which was put together by the Money Power Respect Muzic Group crew’s go-to music-video directors.

“I really make music … I’m not just rapping. I’m not just saying anything, I’m saying what’s going on every day around me. I’m talking shit that’s gon’ make you feel me. It’s substance. I ain’t one of the rappers that just go in there and start rapping. It’s a meaning behind any song I’ve made … When I do record, I just record. I’m not recording thinking about the project like that. I’m just recording,” Mpr Riche Rich recently explained to Ugly Money Podcast, sharing some insight into his creative process and breaking down his approach to putting singles together. “I could drop another tape right now if I wanted to. When I work, I just work, bro. I’ll make ten songs in a five-hour session and then come back in two-three days and do the same thing. I really like recording and now that I’ve gotten all my personal things out the way now it’s just about me, and that turns me up.”

You can take a look at Mpr Riche Rich’s new music for his latest single “Monkey See Monkey Do” above and stay tuned for more from the rollout surrounding around his new singles.

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