Mentcouch: The Best Brand in Unprecedented Times

Psychology practitioners reel under the pressure of incredible work, they work for long hours that go beyond therapy sessions. But despite all the juggling and tiring nature of the work, they put on a brave front. Currently we live in a world where the magnitude and burdens of mental disorders are on the rise daily. This is where mental health professionals and business owners of this field come in. They are the invisible frontliners who also work tirelessly towards their intended goal of creating a more resilient society. Tanjina Ashraf Khan Mou is one of the names that we have gotten familiar with during such unprecedented times, because of the various mental health services provided by her centre globally, some of which were done completely free of cost keeping in mind the global economic scenario back in 2020. Such a selfless service innovation act has led her to win “The Global Healthcare Champions Award as “The Mental Healthcare Achiever During Covid”, presented by “The World Federation of Healthcare Leaders.”

When asked about her greatest strength, Tanjina beautifully said, “I believe that my natural interest in people’s life stories and human behavior in general makes me an active listener and a good observer. Good listeners are actually very rare outside of the therapy room, in my opinion. If you can cultivate the ability to slow down and really attend to others with an open mind, suspending judgment, this may be an advantage to you in this field and many different careers. So, I would say being a good listener is my biggest strength, it just comes very naturally to me.”

MentCouch International Psychology Centre, a company of Tanjina Ashraf Khan Mou, has become a trusted name within a short period of time because of their active work nature in order to spread awareness regarding mental health concenrs, not only in Malaysia but also among global clients. MentCouch International Psychology Centre also stand out because of their unique company policies, one of which is the “Employee Mental Health Policy”. MentCouch has introduced a “mental health leave” policy within the company in order to ensure that they have a highly productive and resilient team to serve clients. The MentCouch company is unique and fluid because it not only focuses on mental health disorders, but also on various wellness aspects like meditation, yoga, behavioral training, wellbeing screening, expressive arts, etc. Tanjina Ashraf Khan Mou herself has a solid foundation in a wide variety of theoretical approaches and specializes in resilience training, behavioral consultation and positive psychology methods.

We thank Tanjina Khan for generously sharing her insights and advice with our audience. You can learn more about Tanjina and her centre at