Mehdi Moslehi talks about two effective dimensions in entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is one of the main axes of growth and development and is the engine of economic progress in any country. The experience of countries with high national income growth shows that the managers of these countries have realized the role and approach of entrepreneurship in the advancement and development of the country. Since a large part of the population are women, entrepreneurship is of particular importance and the level of women’s participation in business is one of the important indicators to measure the growth and development of any country. In today’s society, women play an important and growing role in business. In recent years, the share of women in business has been growing. However, women still face barriers to doing business that they must gradually overcome.

Individual dimensions:

In this dimension, motivations, personality traits and sociological characteristics are examined. Individual personality traits (such as self-confidence) are interrelated with women’s employment and have a direct impact on women’s employment and employment status. According to sociological data, as the birth rate increases, we face a decline in women’s employment. There is also an inverse relationship between the number of children and employment. Marital status is not without its effects, as single women have more freedom of employment and economic and social activities than married women. Education is also a significant factor because the share of working women with higher education in the total employment of women and also the percentage of female managers with higher education is much lower than female managers without higher education.

Women job seekers are more likely to have government jobs. This can be a sign of lack of self-confidence in women. Because employment in the private sector or entrepreneurship requires degrees of risk-taking and the like, which requires a minimum of confidence and creativity and other related psychological and personality traits, but government jobs are less involved with these traits.

Network dimensions:

Economic activities are located in more complex networks of social relations. Within these networks are available resources and opportunities. Excellent advice in most cases determines the reliability of economic activity; Therefore, it is very valuable for entrepreneurs, especially for women who need advice and training for entrepreneurship. Networking is accelerating with the cooperation of government brokers and company officials. Networking and participation can play a very valuable role in promoting and internationalizing activities.