Meet Up And Coming Artist Hustlemantherapper


Hustlemantherapper (@hustlemantherapper) AKA Jerry Rodriguez is an up and coming rapper from the state of Texas. He’s signed to Atlantic Records and he’s been featured on songs with Trippie Red and Lil Keed. His latest release “My Wrist” has been a hit across the board, with fans and music heads alike taking an immediate liking to it.

Jerry always knew that he wanted to pursue a career in the music industry. Growing up he always had a passion for music and dance, and he was also very creative. His talents have translated well for his rap career, as he is able to not only rap but produce beats as well.

Like many artists though, Jerry had to scratch and claw to get to the top. The process involved many late night recording sessions and notebooks filled with lyrics. The music industry is insanely competitive, with artists from all over the world competing for a spot atop the billboard 100.

Even though Jerry has not released a chart topping single yet, he is doing everything he can to put himself in the right position. One of the things he’s been able to do extremely well is, collaborate with other artists and producers to make music that tells his story. He’s worked with artists like the late Juice WRLD to create music that brings emotional energy to the forefront of their songs.

Jerry believes that mindset is extremely important when it comes to making it in the music industry. When your first getting started in the industry, people are always going to doubt you and your talent. They probably won’t be very supportive at first. Jerry had experience with people telling him that his dreams were out of reach, and that he should just quit music altogether.

But Jerry knows that these people have no idea what they are talking about. He knows that most people are not cut out for the music industry, but that’s not because they don’t have talent. He knows that there are plenty of talented musicians out there, and he’s worked with tons of them. But he knows that the only thing that separates him from his competition is his ability to work 10 times harder than anyone else he knows. And when your first starting out, people are going to doubt you because they don’t understand your work ethic. They just see some kid with big dreams and assume he’s going to fail. But Jerry always knew that he had the talent and the work ethic, and so he just kept doing his thing no matter what.

Another piece of advice that Jerry has for people just starting out is not to conform to society’s beliefs. He believes that everyone has a unique perspective and wave that they should ride for their entire life. He believes that if you just conform to the same ideals and beliefs that society holds, you will have a lack of creativity and artistic vision. Jerry believes much of his inspiration comes from staying true to himself and never switching up the vision for anyone. Even though he’s signed to Atlantic records, he doesn’t plan on letting them shape his voice. He’s going to continue making the music that he can be proud of, and at the end of the day that is what is most important to him.

He is currently working on his next EP, and plans to continue releasing singles as he works his way up to rolling out the full project. His dreams span much further than that though, as he plans on touring the world and building a huge fan base as he continues putting in the work he knows will pay off eventually.

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