Meet the Marketing Guru – Ashish Balgotra


Digital marketing is the commercialization of products and services via online platforms. The field of digital marketing is growing by leaps and bounds in the present day scenario. The remarkable increase in the usage of the Internet and social media by all classes of people is helping Digital marketing to spread its roots all across the globe. People are getting more inclined towards this because Digital marketing has a lot to offer apart from being quick, precise and convenient.

There is a term called Infopreneur when we dive into the prospects of Digital marketing. So an Infopreneur is a gatherer and seller of Digital information. An Infopreneur is a newly coined word that comprises “information” and “entrepreneur”. And when speaking of Infopreneurs, we can not miss out on Ashish Balgotra. One of the youngest Infopreneur, a Blogger and Digital Marketer who has also worked with biggies of Digital Marketing and Bloggers. Ashish Balgotra has a plethora of knowledge to offer to you all if you are keen on Digital marketing. All you have to do is to go to his social media accounts and click on the follow button for all the details you need to know about Digital marketing and more.

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