Meet Mohammad Salahuddin, who has struck gold with his immaculate trading strategies

When the world was fighting a grave situation due to the pandemic, he was laughing his way to the bank.

Trading is a risky business if done in the wrong way. It is a skill which has the potential to earn you millions if proper strategies are followed. Above trading skills one needs to have exceptional risk taking temperament and proper planning to make investing in stock market fruitful. There have been many who have tried their hands at trading and failed miserably due to their half baked knowledge and improper trading methods. On the flip side, if done following a time-tested strategy, it can give consistent returns.

There are many who hold expertise in the field but a few have made a distinct mark for themselves by delivering optimum results. 17 year old Dubai based young investor and trader Mohammad Salahuddin is one of them whose trading skills have taken him to dizzying heights of success in the stock trading industry.

Popularly known as ‘The Wolf Of Dubai’, he has risen to the top by raking in profits which are unbelievably huge in numbers. We wonder how he managed to hit the bulls eye at such young age without any experience or university education. “I have been watching my father dabble in stocks for quite sometime as he has been trading for the last 10+ years and have learnt a lot just by watching him from a distance.”

Mohammed was just 13 when he started showing interest in trading but it was not till he turned 16 that he began trading in live markets.

It was during the global lockdown in 2020 that he started trading and was fortunate enough to succeed on his debut. Many would be surprised to know that he managed to rake in a clean profit of $30,000 within six months of working in the market.

Today, his portfolio boasts a staggering $112,000 in stocks and cryptocurrencies making him one of the most successful traders in the industry. After having experienced huge success, Mohammed now plans to spread his knowledge amongst other young individuals and make them financially independent.

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