Meet Ds Abhishek: An Entrepreneur, Musician With Full of Passion towards his work.

Ds Abhishek is an Indian Entrepreneur, Musical Artist, Author and Digital Marketer. Out of all the profound entrepreneurs, Ds Abhishek has emerged as an individual, besides being an author and an entrepreneur. Before we begin with his musical journey, we must first hop onto his digital marketing agency, becoming one of the youngest founders in the industry. Starting out right in the middle of the pandemic since July 2020, he was always prepared to make efforts to the great extent to establish himself as a public figure worldwide. This is why he started up his own agency by the name of Dsandassociates.

Marketing Agency

Ds Abhishek is the founder and owns his Digital Marketing and PR Agency called Dsandassociates which popularly works across the globe with public figures and Entrepreneurs. They build and increase clients credibility and to help to achieve their goal. Dsandassociates is one of top- finest marketing and PR Agency which helps clients to grow their online presence and helps to scale their business.

Ds Abhishek’s ability to achieve success at such a young age is not only a matter of great pride for himself and his family but portrays the tenacity and capability of Indian youth. Speaking of the youth Ds Abhishek is obviously an ideal  influencer and inspiration to others not only of his age but also to people older than him. This is because in spite of being not from a business background Ds Abhishek has achieved the feat many can only dream of. So, what is the secret behind his monumental victory? Well Ds Abhishek says that the biggest advantage any person wanting to start out as a businessman can have is to be motivated and have a reason to make his interest into a passion and turn that passion a profitable career. For Abhishek his motivation was a desire to have financial independence and to be a person of influence at an early stage of his life.

Music Career

His music career has also been pretty successful, since his soundtrack became super popular immediately after being released on various streaming platforms including apple music, YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, and the very first one being SoundCloud.

However, he knew that a career in music would never stand the test of time because the industry is extremely competitive and to be someone who stay on top for an extended period you would have to be truly exceptional. However now that Ds Abhishek had a fan following of his own, he knew that it was the correct time to finally pursue the art.

Ds Abhishek still has a long way to go in his life. He is presently finishing his course in electronic engineering from KK wagh Institute of Engineering College in Nashik, Maharashtra. That is right, Ds Abhishek is still a student himself. Yet, he manages academics and running Dsandassociates Agency simultaneously, striking the perfect balance between work and personal life. Recently, Abhishek has also taken up writing and has once again proved his ability to craft at whatever he does. He has written and published a short book titled “Fundamental and Basic of Digital Marketing: Fundamental of Digital Marketing in 2021”. He also runs a popular page on Instagram, with over 32k followers, called @love_spokes, where he posts regular snippets of his thoughts in the form of prose and poetry. He also keeps posting motivational write-ups on his personal page @dsabhishek_

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