Meet 23 Year Old Marvin Matyka, Who Has Established Himself As A Fine Film And Series Producer

Some are blessed with incredible inborn talent and lead the pack in whichever field they choose, Marvin is one such individual who has made a mark in his field through quality work.

Tough roads are hard to conquer but not impossible if one has the grit and determination to go forward. With this positive approach Marvin has paved his path and reached the pinnacle of success all through his hard work and self belief.

Brought up in a small town Schleswig Holstein located in Hamburg, Germany, all Marvin dreamt of since childhood was to do quality work in the field of films and television as he was extremely fascinated with the workings of the entertainment industry. After completing his high school he took up vocational training and soon after he finished the training he started working for an aviation company. He knew that his heart belonged somewhere else and his thirst to get himself close to work of his interest had him started with creating YouTube videos. Surprisingly, his videos went viral and he started getting recognition within a short span of time.

In one of his videos he had used Selena Gomez’s song which got noticed by label Universal Music and that kicked off his journey into the big world of entertainment. “I feel blessed that I got noticed at the right time and seized the opportunity that came before me. It’s not easy to get through these big names of the media industry as I have been approaching many movie and television studios as well as record labels for work but in vain, fortunately I got spotted and my career took off for good” claims Marvin.

Marvin has produced and edited many international films and series with the film Romance Five Feet Apart with Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson being his best till date as a soundtrack producer and editor. His work has had him getting acquainted with the top artists and actors and he is extremely satisfied with the way his career has shaped up. “Keep chasing your dreams, no matter what, and you are going to reach the heights of success for sure” says Marvin as a parting shot.