Matthias Mende In The Middle East


Instagram celebrity Matthias Mende has one of the emotional success stories you can come across in 2020, talking to him is like stimulating your social creative borders because he will put your mindset to the test.

In one of his recent Google News articles, you can see him next to his super-fast Lamborghini, which has a specific color tone you can only get in Dubai.

He is well known in the middle east let alone the rest of the world. He was born in Germany and has a social media agency named “MEMMOS”

He can be seen on Instagram quoting “that’s why it is so important for every human to discover their true consciousness and inner self, start thinking! Think from different angles, think with love”

He has made an influence on many people around him, even inspiring others in the same industry. This is the proper type of inspiration most of us need in the world and I will be sure to be giving him a follow after typing out this article, he has even inspired me to start approaching my own business differently.

If you’re looking for luxury and classical inspiration be sure to check out Matthias Mende on Instagram below! We rate him 5 out of 5 starts for CLASSY!

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