Marie-Anne Bisson Describes Her Life in Released Memoir Titled, In Tune with Life, Love and the Divine Matrix

Marie-Anne Bisson is the Canadian owner behind The Doorway and author of a memoir titled In Tune With Life, Love and the Divine Matrix. Travel along on the author’s journey in this memoir, as she discovers her authentic self and you discover yours. There is a commonality with those who have floated on the same river of life and struggled to stay afloat; this story shows just that. 

There are many who have questioned their sanity regarding their inconceivable experiences with the paranormal. In Tune With Life, Love and the Divine Matrix will help guide you through the evolution of human consciousness. This story is about self-love, forgiveness, compassion, and releasing fears. Marie-Anne strongly encourages all readers to step out of the box and to really listen to their inner voices. 

Marie-Anne, now in her 50’s is still evolving every day. She strives to keep learning and helping others through their experiences. This passion for helping others is what pushed her to write this memoir and encouraged her to start her business, The Doorway, back in 2014. She’s since come a long way helping those heal and learn more about themselves. She is a CHt, Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist, member of the Manitoba Hypnotherapists’ Association and of the National Guild of Hypnotists, specializing in Past Life Regressions (Reincarnations) to explore past lives, your soul’s purpose, release stresses, fears, and negative repeating patterns in your life. She also provides support for those who may feel they are Experiencers (formerly referred to as Abductees and witnesses) and other specific concerns.

Since COVID hit, Marie-Anne who had an office in both Winnipeg and Lorette, Manitoba, had to change her in-person sessions to over-the-phone sessions for the safety of her clients. Her Winnipeg location ended up permanently closing its doors. Though it may be a different way of approaching the changes the pandemic put on businesses, she’s confident in her ability to help those in need, even during times like these.

Marie-Anne’s book, In Tune With Life, Love and the Divine Matrix, is currently available through Indigo/Chapters and on Amazon. It quickly reached #1 on Amazon’s list for Hot New Releases in Reincarnation (Kindle Store), #2 on Amazon’s Best Sellers list, #2 Hot New Releases in Angels eBooks, and #3 in Reincarnation (Books). She is in the process of writing her follow-up book to the first and hopes to reach and help even more people.