Manny Garcia: I Love Supporting and Motivating People to Achieve Their Dreams and Succeed as I Did

Manny Garcia is a master craftsman who went from extreme poverty to multi-millionaire and believes everyone’s destiny is truly in their own hands.

Although motivating others to create a better life is Manny Garcia’s primary goal, he wasn’t blessed with a mentor to encourage him. Garcia came from a family where affording two square meals was a luxury. This persistent hunger perhaps worked as his teacher to go that extra mile to ensure that his destiny gets changed forever. Successful entrepreneur, Garcia recollects on how he never lost his focus and remained the hardest worker in the room, took risks knowing he would have nothing to lose and didn’t rest until he met his objective. We asked Manny what was that one driving force that made you never give up, Manny responded with “It was the dire need of money and the struggles that my mother undertook to provide for the entire family. That brought me into a tremendous state of zeal and pushed me to get out of that situation.”

Tips to come up in life

He suggests working harder each day with full dedication to change one’s situation in life. A firm believer in labor, Garcia believes that everybody can achieve their dreams with the right amount of effort. He also stressed the importance of taking risks to explore the limitless possibilities that life has to offer. “I see that often people are so scared of making the first move. You can trust my word that it will be the biggest move of your life. Just start and don’t give up,” suggests Garcia to all those who are looking for ways to uplift themselves.

Garcia started his first business during the 2009 financial crisis in the US. Despite the economy, he was still able to garner success. “I have too much hunger inside me. I’m a workhorse; I don’t stop. I always believed the fact that you have to be the hardest working person in the room. I’m not afraid of getting my hands dirty,” reveals Garcia when asked about the secret to achieving enormous success. A strong work ethic and a keen eye for detail are two attributes that define Garcia. He mentors the young by instilling in their minds the importance of staying the course, remaining patient, and always having a never-give-up attitude. 

An extremely positive person, Garcia puts his faith in having a positive mindset to outsmart the struggles that one is bound to face in life. “Mindset is crucial because you have to be able to see a vision when your reality doesn’t look as appealing. A positive mindset will help deal with everyday Hustle and Bustle. It serves as a coping mechanism while going through all the heartaches of being a businessman,” states Garcia.  

Master of all trades

Garcia is a serial entrepreneur and has his fingers in several pies working in several industries. He has more plans in the future and is researching to determine the viability of those upcoming businesses.

Manny Garcia is an inspiration to many. From washing cars, mowing lawns and doing small jobs to becoming a multimillionaire. Garcia has seen it all. His journey of life is a quintessential rags-to-riches story. He is an avid believer in family time so when he’s not working he spends quality time with his two daughters.