Making waves as a versatile and high-performing serial entrepreneur is Nenad (Neno) Korof

Neno has created a luxurious lifestyle for himself in a short span, thanks to his brilliance in crypto trading and investing in varied businesses.

Even if today we discuss the impressive life journeys and stories of different individuals, professionals and entrepreneurs of the world, and how they set out on their respective journeys to achieve their desired greatness and success in life, the young talents in ways more than one always amaze us with creating their own success story, so unique that it can totally influence other people’s lives for the better. Nenad (Neno) Korof is a name that perhaps tops the list of such impressive and brilliant professionals and entrepreneurs. This guy, originally from Serbia, belonged to an immigrant family that shifted to Canada.

Things were not easy for Nenad Korof since the beginning, as he belonged to humble family background. Everything was not ready on the platter for him; he went out and earned every bit of the success he enjoys today as a well-known serial entrepreneur. His family did not believe in any new ways of making money and were quite traditional, but Nenad Korof believed he was different and felt was very futuristic as well. He saw the constant boom in the financial markets of the world and then and there decided to be a part of the same, going against his parents’ wish of creating a normal career with a 9-5 job structure.

Nenad Korof knew that a traditional job wouldn’t help him fulfill his dreams. Hence, he decided to start working at the age of 18-19 years and entered the trading world. By the age of 23, he already made his 1st million and since then has only gone further in his quest to become the best in the business. He also had entered the network marketing industry and worked there for 7 years and in 2016 launched his network marketing firm, leading it to become the 3rd largest MLM forex company in North America. Apart from that, he even initiated his landscaping and shisha business a few years back.

In 2017, Nenad Korof decided to go big in crypto and now has made $12 million in trading; such has been his journey as a young crypto trader, investor and entrepreneur, where he has always pounced on opportunities and has tried to turn them in his favour, giving him the success he desires. Efficiently working from home and managing work through phone has made him a successful modern-day serial entrepreneur who currently operates from Dubai.

Nenad Korof today serves as the CEO of ‘Advance Crypto Academy’, assisting people in trading and providing them with the right education in investing. It has 16K students already, making it the #1 online crypto academy in the world. As an investor, he is a major shareholder of a champagne company called Ballers Champagne and has invested in many other companies as well.

Nenad Korof wants to keep working harder and educate more and more people through his academy in the financial world, create some crazy technologies and also become a billionaire soon in life. Find out more about this leading mentor, angel investor, trader and serial entrepreneur from Instagram @neno_nk.