Make Better Bets With Cody Vaujin

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On the surface, the world of sports betting seems like a risky proposition. Like other forms of gambling, the industry has its fair share of stories of aspiring bettors losing their fortunes. Simultaneously, some swear by the activity as a perfectly legitimate way of reaching financial success. While some stumble upon such success through sheer luck, it has become increasingly common to approach the industry with a strategic, analytical mind.

Concurrent to such trends, sports consulting services have become increasingly popular as a way of making informed betting decisions without the hassle of extensive research and analysis. As with other booming industries, however, such services have been overrun with low-quality businesses and even outright scams. Needless to say, the quality of a sports consulting business can make or break a venture into sports betting. Finding the right business, one that would help make the best picks and look out for clients overall, could be the first and most important wager of one’s betting career.

If such a sports consulting business appeals to someone, Cody Vaujin of Codycoverspreads would be a worthwhile personality to check out. The 22-year-old handicapper and entrepreneur first made a name for himself after winning one of the nation’s most popular sports handicapping contests in the summer of 2016. Since then, Cody has profited over $4 million through his personal sports betting picks. At the same time, he has helped countless aspiring bettors earn untold amounts in winnings through his company, Codycoverspreads.

Cody cites his mathematical ability, unique betting strategy, and managerial mindset as the keys to success behind Codycoverspreads and its over 50,000 clients. These values have also made Cody’s services extremely sought after, with more than 200,000 followers on Instagram. Cody claims that the large client demand has made it necessary for him to frequently reject clients in order to give adequate personal focus to his current clientele. As such, Cody’s services are often fully booked, with a massive queue of slots that are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

Foremost to Cody’s success is his prodigious talent for mathematics, which he cultivated from a very young age. By combining this with his passion for sports, he has achieved a consistent 77% accuracy rate for his bets. In his earlier years in the industry, this same talent would see Cody make successful $20,000 to $50,000 bets or more to Vegas’s various local casinos. Such success eventually led to Cody being a constant presence on casino blacklists, which spurred him on to establish his business.

In spite of this ability, Cody is quick to clarify that sports betting remains a matter of odds. To mitigate this, he combined his betting prowess with a proven and profitable strategy that is centered on bankroll management. This ensures that clients always have the finances needed to bounce back from any setbacks and that any success achieved is sustainable and long-term.

Cody ties these values together with his one-of-a-kind managerial mindset that emphasizes passion for his customers. Unlike other sports betting businesses, Cody carefully limits the number of clients he takes to give them their due attention and maximize their potential winnings by preventing a large clientele from heavily tilting the odds. This, combined with his bankroll management strategy and raw betting aptitude, has made Cody one of the most popular and trusted handicappers in the industry.

With such services, Cody has built up a solid relationship with his clients, many of whom place great trust and loyalty in him. For his part, Cody keeps on delivering and looking out for his customers’ best interests. One of the best examples is how, through the COVID-19 pandemic, Cody continues to sustain a solid stream of profit for his clients by capitalizing on a variety of continuing sports across the world.

You can interact with Cody Vaujin and find out more about his services through his Instagram, @Codycoverspreads. For those who are rushing to start their sports betting journey, you can visit his website for the latest deals and offerings.