Majed Veysel Traveled To 20 Cities In 1 Year


Saint Augustine once said that the world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page. This is absolutely right because when you travel around the world, you get to experience the culture and atmosphere of different places. You also learn about the lifestyle of the people that are living there.

Most people travel to different places to experience joy or peace but there are some people who travel for work. They always make sure to get some productive work done as they travel. This whole concept of traveling to different places for work seems very cool because one gets to experience the beauty of different places while getting work done but it is also very hard for anyone to reach that level where he/she can get some work done while traveling.

Majed Veysel is an architect with some amazing photography skills. He captures beautiful shots of structures like buildings, sculptures, bridges, etc. All his pictures are unique black and white. There is one great thing about Black and White photography, it takes you beyond what most people photograph. It also makes you look at the scene with fewer colors but a lot of texture.

With his remarkable black and white photographs, Majed has crossed 100k+ followers on Instagram. In order to capture these photos, he travels to different places. He recently traveled to more than 20 cities in just 1 year. This includes major cities in Italy such as Venice, Genoa, Florence, Milan, Torino, etc. Majed always carries his camera while traveling from one place to another. Whenever he goes to a new city, he looks for the significant architectural structures that are there in that city. Then, he visits them and clicks beautiful pictures of those structures.

After that, he uploads all these pictures to his Instagram account. Majed’s Instagram account is a true piece of art with some sort of magical vibe. His Instagram account is a place where anyone can come to experience the beauty of huge buildings, bridges, and sculptures sitting at their home. You can also check his story highlights to check the places that he has visited.

Majed Veysel has gained a lot of success in his journey through things like architecture, photography, art, and travel. His art is an expression of himself, his vision and point of view on things that matter to him and provoke his senses, by translating them in his own way. He thinks that every artist must have the courage to express and show his own ideas through his work. These expressions give an artist solid experience and background to find satisfaction and fully assume all what he creates; satisfaction here plays an important role within the creative process.

He has proven the fact that people can also be productive while they are traveling. He is best at what he does and we wish him all the best for his future.

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