Mac Angelo Is Transforming the Modern Banking System

Some entrepreneurs have the urge to innovate, and the status quo is never good enough. One such example is the digital investor Mac Angelo. Mac, a former military noncomissioned officer, is single-handedly transforming the lives of people who, for one reason or another, have ended up with awful credit scores. His company, LevelXstream, has a holistic approach that is designed to help clients wipe their credit slates clean and then get funding for their projects. “When somebody comes through, first we look at how to improve their credit score. But we don’t end there, which makes us different from most companies in this industry. We then focus on the client’s idea and help them get funded. This is our goal. We want to introduce them to the world of digital investment,” Mac explains.

He remarks that funding has become slightly easier due to the COVID-19 pandemic as governments actively encourage people to improve their financial situations and have more subsidies to release. Mac is a guiding light for hundreds of ordinary people who want to learn more about finance and get comfortable with using the credit system.

The entrepreneur has big plans for the future and is currently working on a mega app along with his team. His network of staff has increased as well. Mac’s business’s unique aspect is that he doesn’t spend a dime on advertising or traffic. “All of our traffic comes organically. We don’t even have to go pursue customers. We have affiliates who do that for us. This is how efficient the business is,” he says.

Mac breaks down some of the most crucial downfalls of the system. “I understand why people want to feel ownership of their business. Maybe you want to have a huge office building or want all of your employees to have top-of-the-line laptops and whatnot. That’s great, but it’s expensive. You have to learn to separate the emotional desire for that from the practical and logical side of it. That’s the only way your business will thrive. When it comes to scaling, you have to understand how much and how fast you can grow. If you offer free services, which is fantastic, you can’t be pouring a ton of money into equipment; the numbers won’t add up,” he explains.

When it comes to scaling the business, Mac relies on affiliates, which works like a charm. He collects testimonials from his clients and prides himself on the company’s targeted and personal service. The entrepreneur warns against scaling too fast, as this could be detrimental to a business. He suggests that an owner first make sure that all is functioning correctly and is sustainable before expanding the company and team.

Mac emphasizes the need to go digital as the world moves predominantly to the online arena in 2020 and beyond. “Small businesses’ best bet is to move to online operations right now; it’s the best thing they can do,” he says.

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