Look Who’s Back – Persia Grai Set To Make His Comeback

Over one year after his last sign of life, the Detroit artist is looking to catapult himself back into the charts. The catchy spitter from Michigan seems to be ready to do it all again in 2020.

It’s been three years since Michael Greene aka Persia Grai became a viral sensation with his song ‘Juice’ overnight. A thousand days later we are pretty sure if the song came out tomorrow, it would have been a hit – especially thanks to TikTok.

The app has created a new space for catchy hooks and choruses and especially hip-hop and rap have benefited from the viral-potential of the fast-spreading content on the app to a significant degree.

Now after all those years, and plenty of single releases from the artist in the last couple of years, the Detroit homegrown seems to be ready for more.

And as ahead of his time he might have been before, this time the signs are pointing in a different direction.

The bilingual artist is rumored to be paying more attention to his partly Puerto Rican heritage this year, as sources claim he is working both on Latin and English projects.

Whether we are expecting more single releases or his long-anticipated debut album, we don’t know yet. But it’s great news to hear that the crafty lyricist is back in the booth, where he belongs.

We’ve dearly missed his witty lines and dazzling flows in the last 14 months, and had been wondering what the hard-working musician was up to after he went all secretive and quiet on his socials.

Well, now it seems that the cat is out of the bag and we can sit back and look forward to the near future, ready to enjoy what’s to come.

Some of us have been waiting impatiently, now that drought seems to be over soon – welcome back Persia Grai!