Life of Ellen Alexander

Ellen Alexander is a top model, amazing actress and a great model of the time. She was born in Russia and now resides in the US. She got her education from Moscow Arts Theatre School. After that, she got her economics degree as her parents desired but soon she realized that this is not her dream or passion. She wanted to become a model so she moved to the UK as to become world famous and top model was not possible by staying in Russia.  She joined the Royal Academy of arts in London. In that era, she was offered many projects that she had to leave the academy and focus on them. Later, she moved to the USA and made an amazing debut in the music industry.   

With being such a great success in the modeling industry and acting career, Ellen is very down to the earth. She is very humble and generous towards others. As compared to other a few models, she prefers to remain simple in routine. She is a girl who will not wear make-up just to go shopping.

How did Ellen get motivation to become a Model?

Ellen has been travelling since she was 14. She has been to many countries around the world. During this era, she developed her interests in modeling. Moreover, as her parents were second generation scientists in Russia, other scientists and photographers will take her photoshoot. She always was a beautiful girl with a gorgeous smile. She said that she enjoyed it very much and later realized that she wanted to become a model.

Being a daughter of a scientist, everyone expected her to be the same but she chose the opposite field of direction. She did get the economics degree as per her parents wished but after that she moved to the UK to carry on her journey to become one of the top models of the universe.   

Ellen Alexander as an Actor

Ellen started her acting journey from Russia. She took part in many theatres there and earned her name. When she moved to the UK and USA, she carried on her acting career and did many TV shows there including Law of the lawless, Woman on the edge, Gold digger, Poor Anastasia, and many more. Some of these shows got more than 8 ratings out of 10. She has shown her versatility by also turning towards producing the show The 100 Jokes.   

Ellen Alexander as a Singer

When Ellen was a child, she would sing in the church choir. From that, she realized she got the voice and talent to become a singer. When she got busy in modeling and acting, she did not want to become a singer as she did not have the time. But a few months ago, she made a great debut in the music industry and her song “Shadows” got many views even on social media. You can listen to her song here.

Future Plans of Ellen

Ellen has planned to continue singing with a journey of modeling and acting. She told in an interview she had written about 100 songs which she will release one by one or maybe as an album per genre. We wish Ellen good luck for more success in her life! To get updates on Ellen, follow her at .

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