Lieutenant Colonel Masoud Alhammad has the most beautiful Personal Zoo in Dubai

Humans are harming wildlife in many ways and causing many animals, birds, and insects to die over time. We have also spoken about how biodiversity is necessary for the ecology to function properly, and all parts or components of the ecology play an important role.

This article will discuss Dubai-based famous animal lovers who are setting a perfect example to all animal lovers worldwide to take care of animals and create your own Zoo. Today, we are writing on the most talked about personality in Dubai, all thanks to his animal love. He is Lieutenant Colonel Masoud Alhammad of the Dubai Police.

Here are a few things that you can learn from his Zoo, which can help you understand how to take care of wildlife and other personal Zoo creatures.

  • Protect the right environment for animals in zoos.
  • The right amount of water in the Zoo.
  • Keeping Eco-friendly products in the Zoo.
  • Provide good quality food to birds and animals.
  • Don’t cut trees and plants in spring.
  • Take care of the wildlife environment in the Zoo.
  • Dividing pet animals and wildlife in proper indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Grow your own garden in the Zoo.
  • Join with conservationist
  • Take part in maintenance activities.
  • Do take care of all the legalities.

These are some very manageable steps that you can take, which would make a huge difference if we all collectively followed them. Creating such small personal Zoo’s in Dubai and surrounding makes Dubai a more beautiful place to live. We will also give rise to wildlife animals, and growth can be seen in the past decade.

Together we have a greater chance of preserving our nature and ecosystem. Also, please don’t hesitate to let your voice be heard.

To know more about Lieutenant Colonel Masoud Alhammad of the Dubai Police, connect on Instagram, or you can also visit his place to see how beautifully he has managed his Zoo in Dubai.