Justin Strong, Born to be Successful


For Justin Strong, this all started at a young age,  growing up alongside his father, Kevin Strong. Kevin owned a business which was founded all the way back in 1992. Watching his dad grow up running this business, Justin knew that he would eventually like to follow in his footsteps. He continued to learn more and more throughout the years which landed him with the task of taking over the air conditioning company and transforming it into a construction company. This company is now called Strong Bros. GC Ltd., worth millions but it doesn’t stop there. Since, Justin, now 32, is also involved with numerous other companies such as  Strong Bros General Contracting Ltd., J P Strong Enterprises Inc., Seaway Construction & Management, J P Strong Real Estate Holdings Inc., two numbered companies and most recently Social Giveaways Inc.

It felt just as if it were yesterday when Justin, in his teenage years bought himself a seventies Chevy pick up truck and trailer for a small driveway sealing company that he had made. He would watch other kids his age hand out resumes, but that never crossed Justin’s mind, he couldn’t picture working for someone else. He loved being his own boss, it’s what he always dreamt of doing. He was now able to do as he pleased, creating his own hours, choosing his prices, whatever he wanted. This amazing experience is what had led him to getting familiarized with what he needed in order to envision and eventually work in the family business. He started off small, but always saw the bigger picture, and that inspired him to keep going.

Justin believes that there are a few key factors as to why all of his businesses are thriving. He, from day one has been actively involved in all of his businesses, always knowing what’s going on. He also builds personal relationships with his employees to have them feel welcomed and comfortable in the workplace. He wants them to understand that they are just as responsible for the successes of the businesses as he is. In order to have a positive work experience, employees need to feel valued, appreciated and involved.

Justin’s goal is to be known for growing one of the top construction companies in Canada and with his businesses turning into multimillion-dollar companies we know he will do just that. With the current economic situation going on, and the inability to do construction work at this time, Justin is working on his newest business Social Giveaways Inc. Social Giveaways will be working with celebrities to promote large giveaways over social media. The point of this is to boost social growth for businesses and clients. How it works is, businesses/clients pay a fee to sponsor the giveaways, and celebrities/influencers will promote these giveaways on their social media platforms. It’s explained that to enter the giveaways, one must follow all the accounts of those who sponsored it which will result in a large growth of followings and engagement.

Businesses will fluctuate, and Justin Strong knows this first hand. The best way to deal with this is to be prepared in advance for what could happen. Sit down and make a plan. Plan for potential drops in business and work that could very much happen for reasons that are out of your businesses control. Sometimes you need for something to go wrong before things can get better. Don’t take it badly, this is how we learn and grow. There is always a lesson to be learned through these curveballs life throws our way. You will feel much better knowing that you have what you need to problem solve and work through the problems

To keep up with Justin and his new company, follow his instagram @iamjustinstrong

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