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Joseph Samuel Song

Social media in this era has proved to be a blessing in disguise. While many blame it for their procrastination scrolling the internet the whole day, many use it for a purpose. One most common social media platform is Youtube, and many success stories have emerged from it. Youtube has not only entertained people but has been a career for many. People invest time and skills, grow their business, become an entrepreneur, and eventually help grow others. One such example is Joseph Samuel Song, who proved his skills and passion through YouTube, starting at the age of 17 only. He used Youtube for inspiration and in high school, though he could take his ideas to the next levels based on the automation of YouTube and the cash cow channels. 

Belonging to an Asian household, his parents were astonished that their child is not interested in pursuing a college education and was not convinced. However, they trusted their son and allowed him to go with his passion. With faith in himself and dealing with obstacles, Joseph began with a challenging yet exciting business journey from Shopify when he was only 17 years. Getting a significant passive income on Youtube is what he desired initially one but later, with his determination, achieved his dreams at a very young age.

He was ever since skilled at editing and uploading YouTube videos. He hired mentors regarding various industries on YouTube, transformed his strategy by hiring a team of over 100 people, and became a professional. Starting it for a passive income and making it an active one is what he did in just 2 years. Today, at the age of 19, Song runs his own 15 “cash cow” channels, which generate a monthly income of six-figures. He does this now without creating videos, as he has the automation of his channels and a great team to makes it possible. He now also help and handle more than 100 channels for his customers leading to great monetization.

He runs cash cow channels at insane profit margins. The average channel makes $3-$5 per thousand visits, but his and his clients’ channels make $15 to $25 for the same number of visits. He says one should find high CPM niches to succeed. Once on this video platform, a highly profitable niche is achieved, what you need to do is work on high-quality videos. He also says that you need to take the first step from the niches that are already performing well and just don’t reinvent YouTube’s wheel. These are all the strategies he mentions as the ingredients to make success. His success has been so remarkable that many people have given their channels to Song to get the most out of them.


The 19-year-old Joseph Samuel Song is an entrepreneur in Southern California and currently handling his full-time business, running cash cow YouTube channels for himself and clients. He runs 15 cash cow channels and manages over 100+ channels for clients with a team of over 100 employees, helping him run the entire operation. 

He himself is a success story, and helping others to be one is what he aims to do now.

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