Iranian pop singer Ramyrad has explained about different types of sounds

Ramin Salehi Yeganeh (artistically named Ramyrad) He was born on July 6, 1993 in Tabriz and now lives in Tehran.

  We encounter all kinds of sounds in singing because knowing the tone of voice and recognizing the types of sounds in singing is one of the most important parts in singing. Singing or singing is one of the most popular arts that has many attractions, many ordinary people and even artists. Active in other fields also attracts art.

If you aspire to become a singer and think about singing training courses, you should first know the gender of your voice. In fact, it should be said that to get better acquainted with this popular art, it is better to get information about the definition of sound, how to spread sound, Voices, the voices of men and women and their differences, the factors that affect the voice, the points that affect professional singing.

Volume control and the like gained a good understanding of it, which in this article will address a number of these cases to better understand the types of sound in music, singing and chanting. Stay with us.

In fact, recognizing one’s own voice in singing is like recognizing one’s self-existence in life. The more familiar a singer is with the type of voice he has, the better he can choose his singing style, and Basically a singer who chooses the style closest to his voice,

Because he puts his voice in the right format, in addition to being successful in his singing career, he will definitely have a more mature and captivating voice over time by doing more exercises.

In addition to all these benefits mentioned for having a correct knowledge of your voice for singing, the health of the singer’s larynx and vocal cords will not be harmed by eliminating the wrong choices; Because by choosing a style that is right for the type of sound that perfectly matches the ability of the singer’s voice, there is no pressure on his larynx and vocal cords and will enable him to be able to sing for years and in the middle of the road due to injury. Seeing your health, do not have to stop.

Regarding the various types that exist about different types of tone of voice or human voices and are very related to the category of singing, and can acquaint the singer with the type of his voice, the following can be mentioned:

Soprano is the type of sound that is very low, and children and women are also in this category of sounds due to having the lowest and lowest type of sound. This type of sound is one of the most important types of sounds in music and singing and is in fact the opposite of bass sounds.